Property Inspection Checklist: What To Look For When You Go Home Hunting?

Property Inspection Checklist: What To Look For When You Go Home Hunting?

Is your house listed as one of the properties for sale in Saint Petersburg? Are you struggling with getting it sold? You may be thinking about what home inspectors look for when they inspect your house. Maybe then, you can make the necessary changes to make your house more appealing to house buyers.

Home inspection checklists vary, but some general things can help you attract house buyers.

What is Home Inspection?

A home inspection is a property’s comprehensive visual examination. The physical structure and systems like the roof, foundation, and wiring are inspected.

The inspector will look for any significant structural or mechanical defects during a home inspection. The goal of a home inspection is to help one make an informed decision about the condition of a property before buying it.

  • A house seller must provide the buyer with a home inspection report.
  • The report will list any major defects found during the inspection.
  • It is important to note that a home inspection is not an appraisal, and the inspector will not determine the property’s value.

What Does a Home Inspector Look for?

Home inspectors will look at the following:

The Roof:

Inspectors will look for any damage to the roof, including missing or damaged shingles. They’ll also check to see if the gutters and downspouts are properly attached and draining away from the house. It ensures that water is not seeping into the home, which can lead to mold and other damage.

The Foundation:

A house’s foundation is one of the essential parts of the structure. Inspectors will look for cracks or settlement in the foundation. They will also check to see if the house is adequately anchored to the foundation. If the house is not anchored properly, it can lead to severe problems, such as collapsing walls.

The Electrical System:

A property’s electrical system includes the main electrical panel, wiring, outlets, and light fixtures. Home inspectors and property investors will check to see if the electrical system is up to code and if there are any safety hazards. They will also look for signs of overloading, which can cause a fire.

Windows and Doors:

Energy-efficient homes are a sought-after commodity. Therefore, property investors will check to see if the windows and doors are energy-efficient. They will also look for any damage, such as cracks or rot. You can install weather stripping and caulking if you want to improve your home’s energy efficiency. It’ll bring good returns when it’s sale time.

Attic and Insulation:

Your attic and insulation will be inspected for mold, moisture, and pests. The home inspector will also check to see if the ventilation is adequate. If you have an unfinished attic, the inspector will recommend that you finish it. A finished attic is aesthetically pleasing and adds to the value of your home.


Don’t worry, though. An inspector or a property investor won’t tear the walls apart before they buy a house.

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